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Shady Oak Academy is a private Preschool-6th grade school dedicated to helping children with learning differences achieve success in a school environment that works best for kids. Strengths-based learning happens when each child is motivated to learn based on their individual talents. Managing weaknesses through strengths and using brain based strategies and perceptual motor skills programs helps students overcome barriers to learning. Small individualized groups, meaningful work, hands on projects, shorter school hours and a values-rich curriculum help our students engage actively and happily in the work of academics.  In addition, community service, gardening, free play, learning social skills, and going on field trips widen their horizons and help them become well balanced persons.
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Pam Jarvis

Executive Director
Pam Jarvis, founder and Executive Director of Shady Oak Academy, is a life-long lover of learning. She raised five children and now is proud grandmother to eleven grandchildren. About 10 years ago, Pam had a vision of a place where all children could learn in the way God designed them. With the creation of Shady Oak Academy, Pam brings her unique blend of experience in private school settings, home-schooling and public...
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Maria Rosales

Assistant Director
Maria Rosales, a 16 year veteran in public education, has worked in many educational settings including Pre-K, inclusive classrooms, and autism programs. Maria, a native of El Salvador, is the mom...
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