What Kind of School is Best?

Two years ago, I left the relative security of a predictable yearly salary in a public school system to start my own school.  I loved working with the kids and I was blessed to collaborate with many...
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God’s Hideout – Our Classroom

These last weeks of December are busy as we practice for upcoming events at our school, do some fun Christmas crafts, and still be focused on accomplishing physical, cognitive and academic goals. I...
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Motivation is the Name of the Game

When I first started teaching, my wise principal used to say “there is no such thing as an unmotivated student.”  What she wanted us to remember is that our job as teachers is to engage...
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Gestures and Learning

Do you use your hands when you talk?  I certainly do! If you were to try to keep my hands still, then I would have trouble finding the words.  Several studies show that hand gestures can do more...
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Foot Fidget

Several years ago I attended Athena Oden’s Ready Bodies Learning Minds workshop.  Athena is a gifted physical therapist who is passionate about bringing knowledge of motor skill training to...
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My Story

Uniqueness Ten years ago, I read a life-changing book called “The Power of Uniqueness” by Arthur Miller and Bill Hendricks. I realized that for most of my life, I focused on how I needed to...
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